Dr John and the Bonnaroo Review - Dallas 1974

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April 11, 1974
Aragon Ballroom

April 11th 1974 - Dr John and the Bonnaroo Review live KZEW broadcast from the Aragon Ballroom at 1001 So Industrial. The band was a little late coming on stage, so Ken Rundel with help from Gary Shaw and Mark Christopher keep the ZOO audience entertained with over 7 minutes of banter. This 7 minutes is still circulated among collectors as part of the concert.

Dr John 4/11/74 Aragon Ballroom clip

KZEW Mike Taylor - John Lennon Interview 9/26/74


The telephone interview is conducted between John Lennon from his New York apartment and Mike Taylor in Dallas at the KZEW studio.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Dallas 1974

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Beach Boys
Other bands: 
Jesse Colin Young
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July 31, 1974
Texas Stadium

July 31th 1974 - CSN&Y & The Beach Boys - Texas Stadium

C.S.N.Y./The Beach Boys 07-31-74 Concert Promo

Willie Nelson - January Sound Studios 1974


December 26th 1974 - Country music on the ZOO? Yes, it did happen. The day after Christmas 1974, Willie Nelson did a live KZEW broadcast from January Sound Studios. Joined by Tracy Nelson (no relation), they played numerous country standards as well as a number of Christmas tunes, including Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. This concert would become a ZOO staple and was re-broadcast on Christmas Day throughout the seventies.

KZEW's First Birthday

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Who are these people? It's the ZOO office staff! Top row left to right are Jody Seay, Bill Harrison, Unidentified female, Wally Campbell, Unidentified female, Unidentified male, the man in the dark shirt is an unidentified Engineer, Marty Lowy (who's now a judge in Dallas,)and Jim Stansell. Bottom row are Carolyn Hickey, Jon Dillon, Ira Lipson, John Dew and Maggie Morgan.

The ZOO Canteen aka The ZOO Saloon


 Welcome back to the canteen....newly overrun by the ZOO crew. 1. Jon "Studs" Dillon serves up shots of the magic elixir, mornings on 98FM. 2. Gary "Rick" Shaw deals 'em down 'n dirty on the ZOO, 6-10pm. 3. No. 4. Suzette Smith, ace-heavyduty ZOO newsperson, messin with the sheriff during the off hours. 5. "The Waco Kid", Mark Addy.

Frank Zappa - Dallas 1974

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March 15, 1974

Frank Zappa comes to the Dallas Memorial Auditorium on the Apostrophe album tour. Shortly after the show, Frank drops by the ZOO and sits down with KZEW's Mark Christopher for an interview.

Aerosmith's 1986 Dallas Show Back In The News

02-20-1986 Aerosmith Ticket StubJoe Perry of Aerosmith is recovering at home after a recent emergency knee surgery to correct unforeseen complications that resulted from a previous surgery on the same knee last year. Perry had a complete knee replacement done in March of 2008. The new knee was needed after a degenerative condition developed starting with a stage-fall during a concert in Dallas 23 years ago this week. KZEW's Jon Dillon even mentioned Perry's fall on the air that night, but said Joe had only sprained his ankle, according to the KZEW archives.

KZEW 25 years ago today...Feb. 2


It was Groundhog Day 1984 at about 6:30am when I dragged myself out of bed. Back in those days, I wasn't much of a early bird, but it was my birthday and I didn't want to miss a minute of it. After all it was a milestone, my twenty-fifth. I gazed over at the glowing blue dial of my Marantz and could hear the faint KZEW elephant trumpet at low volume. I reached over to turn it up, I realized that LaBella and Rody was on. Being an night-owl, it was a rare occasion to catch the ZOO's morning team. I quickly popped in a cassette and hit record. I soon hear John LaBella and Mike Rhyner, but no John Rody. Rody was famous for being late. I continue to record, not knowing this very recording would go out over the DFW airwaves once again nearly 25 years later.

ZOO Year 1973

KZEW's first print adKZEW's first print adTuesday, September 18th, 1973 at 6:00AM,
Ken Rundel keys his mike, "Welcome to the ZOO... ...you are listening to KZEW Dallas-Ft.Worth." The first song played was Simon and Garfunkel's "At the Zoo." Ira Lipson remembers, "There was a huge buzz in the air. We were ready to launch The ZOO. There was so much positive energy flowing through the station that we probably could have levitated if we wanted to. Ken Rundel launched us at 6 AM and we just kept soaring. Sure, there were a lot of little things that needed to be fixed, but the feeling was fabulous. We broadcast more than music that day --- we broadcast energy and confidence. The station was a gas to listen to. And the listener response was instantaneous. The ZOO was gonna be a monster." Gary Shaw also remembers that day, "The ZOO went on the air on my mom's birthday...so how could it fail?" Not only that, but the ZOO went on the air nine years to the day from when the Beatles played Dallas on their first U.S. tour. On the down side, the ZOO began on the third anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's death.

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