ZOO Year 1975

1975 was another year of live music from KZEW, as many shows from the Travis Street Electric Company and the Electric Ballroom were aired over the ZOO. Many of these concerts can be found circulating on the internet these days, plus a few notable concerts that were not aired.

January 9, 1975 - The Eric Burdon Band live KZEW broadcast from the Travis Street Electric Company.

Eric Burdon 01-09-75 Concert Promo

Peter FramptonFebruary 5th 1975 - Peter Frampton was in town supporting Johnny Winter at Dallas Memorial Auditorium for their 4th of February show. The next night, Frampton makes local rock history with a live KZEW broadcast from January Sound Studios. The live version of "Do You Feel Like I Do" from this performance became an instant hit as the number one requested song on the ZOO for 1975, causing Frampton album sales to soar in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, nearly a year before Frampton Comes Alive was released. KZEW's Mark Christopher jokes, "Jeez, Peter Frampton should STILL be mowing Ira's lawn to this day to thank him!"

Peter Frampton 02-05-75 January Sound clip 11:37

Rush AdFebruary 27th 1975
Rush comes back by popular demand
to the Travis Street Electric Company.
1975 Tour Program

Rush 02-27-75 Concert Promo

March 3-5, 1975 - Led Zeppelin rocks the Metroplex at the Tarrant County Convention Center Arena on March 3rd and at the Dallas Convention Center on March 4th and 5th.

Led Zeppelin 03-03/04-75 Concert Promo

Led Zeppelin 03-05-75 Concert Promo

Robin Trower posterMarch 20th 1975 - The ZOO approaches Robin Trower who was in town supporting Humble Pie, with hopes of him doing a live KZEW broadcast from January Sound Studios. Robin Trower was hip to the idea, but wanted a live audience. What resulted was Robin performing live at the Travis Street Electric Company to a packed house. Brought to you live by KZEW's Mike Taylor at the show and Mark Christopher back at the ZOO studio. Also on the bill is Mahogany Rush, whose performance would be taped and broadcast on the ZOO the following night.

Robin Trower 03-20-75 Travis Street Electric Company clip 7:43

Mahogany Rush 03-20-75 Travis Street Electric Company clip 3:37

Freddie King live at the KZEW Armadillo FestivalMarch 31st 1975 - Freddie King live KZEW broadcast from January Sound Studios. Freddie would also perform 4 weeks later at the KZEW Armadillo Festival.

April 27th 1975 - The Zoo Armadillo Festival draws an estimated 60,000 to Fair Park as KZEW welcomes Blood, Sweat & Tears, Freddie King, Rusty Weir, Blue Oyster Cult, Fancy Space and Stoneground.

April 30th 1975 - The Fall of Saigon: The Vietnam War ends as Communist forces take Saigon, resulting in mass evacuations of Americans and South Vietnamese. As the capital is taken, South Vietnam surrenders unconditionally.

May 3rd 1975 - Chicago and The Beach Boys at the Cotton Bowl.

Chicago / Beach Boys 05-09-75 Concert Promo

May 1975 - The KZEW Summertrip album. Capital records released the Summertrip album with co-sponsorship with radio stations across the country.

May 18th 1975 - Fleetwood Mac & Kansas at Dallas Memorial Auditorium.

Fleetwood Mac / Kansas 05-18-75 Concert Promo

June 11th 1975 - The ZOO invites you to see Jeff Beck and The Mahavishnu Orchestra at Dallas Memorial Auditorium.

Jeff Beck / Mahavishnu Orch. 06-11-75 Concert Promo

June 19th 1975 - The Electric Ballroom throws a party for it's employees, the contractors and music big wigs to show off their newly refurbished ballroom. Formally the Aragon Ballroom and the Texas Opry House. The ZOO would broadcast many concerts from this venue for years to come.
It was a broadcast from a different venue however that cut the party short for the ZOO crew that night. They had to rush over to January Sound Studios for a live KZEW broadcast with Chuck Mangione that was scheduled later that evening.

June 20th 1975 - Just as they did with the Aragon Ballroom. The ZOO welcomes the Electric Ballroom to Dallas with a live KZEW broadcast. This time featuring Spirit.

June 28th 1975 - Tim Buckley plays his final show at the Electric Ballroom in Dallas. He would die of a drug overdose the following evening.

Tim Buckley 06-28-75 Concert Promo

July 4th 1975 - Peter Frampton returns to Dallas to the Electric Ballroom.

July 6th 1975 - Rolling Stones, Eagles, Trapeze & Montrose at the Cotton Bowl.

Rolling Stones / Eagles / Trapeze / Montrose 07-06-75 Concert Promo

August 21th 1975 - Eric Clapton & Freddie King at TCCC

Eric Clapton / Freddie King 08-21-75 Concert Promo

September 18th 1975 - KZEW celebrates it's 2nd birthday.

September 28th 1975 - Over 60,000 people flock to the University of Texas at Arlington during the Zoo Urban Survival Fair to see a free celebration featuring Jimmy Spheeris, Eric Quincy Tate, Calico and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The crowd was described by police as "very cooperative"

October 11th 1975 - NBC airs the first episode of Saturday Night Live (George Carlin is the first host; Billy Preston and Janis Ian the first musical guests).

Rob DaytonOctober 14th 1975 - Rob Dayton aircheck

Rob Dayton 10-14-75 Aircheck 5:34

October 28th 1975 - While in town for their SMU Moody Coliseum show, David Crosby and Graham Nash stop by the ZOO to chat with Mark Addy.

Crosby and Nash 10-28-75 Concert Promo

October 31th 1975 - Ted Nugent mentions his "Detroit friends" during this show at the Electric Ballroom. Ted's relationship with the KZEW goes back to the days in Detroit when the coming up rock star would drop by the W4 studios.

Ted Nugent 10-31-75 Electric Ballroom clip 1:40

November 1975 - If you picked up the November issue of Buddy Magazine, you would have found the ZOO Iron-On.

Mark AddyNovember 10th 1975 - Mark Addy aircheck

Mark Addy 11-10-75 Aircheck 6:35

Mark ChristopherNovember 10th 1975 - Mark Christopher aircheck

Mark Christopher 11-10-75 Aircheck 4:50

November 14th 1975 - Billy Cobham - Electric Ballroom

Billy Cobham 11-14-75 Electric Ballroom clip 1:21

November 23th 1975 - Chuck Mangione drops by the ZOO to talk about the night's concert at SMU McFarlin Auditorium.

November 27th 1975 - Alice's_Restaurant

Rob DaytonDecember 26th 1975 - Rob Dayton aircheck

Rob Dayton 12-26-75 Aircheck 4:21

To be continued...

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